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Dental Implants are Built to Last

Dental implantology is growing not just because it offers an easy way to restore missing teeth, but because the implants themselves are built to last.

That is just one of the takeaways from the American Academy of Implant Dentistry’s latest infographic, which underscores the myriad benefits of implants over dentures or crowns, including this important lead-off item:

Strong and stable, a dental implant restores a lost tooth so that it looks, feels, fits and functions like a natural tooth. Other options can lead to bone deterioration, and may interfere with eating, smiling, speaking and other activities of everyday life.

It’s yet another good tool for explaining the ins and outs of dental implants to your patients – one which clearly distinguishes dental implants from older technologies including dentures. And it makes at least one more point that many people might not consider, namely:

Look Mom, no cavities! Cavities can’t occur in an implant-restored crown, or replacement tooth; however, you will need to visit your dentist as scheduled and clean and care for it and your gums and mouth every day, the same as you would if it were a natural tooth.

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Harvard Health on Developments in Dental Implantology

A well-written explainer on Harvard’s Health website offers a sort of dental implantology 101 course, including some basic illustrations that help patients understand the process.

Although the page is written for patients, not professionals, it offers formal evidence that dental implantology has absolutely conquered the medical mainstream, and moved onto the lips of private citizens across the country. Dental implantology is a household name.

The reason is simple: implants are by far the best way to restore lost teeth and protect the bone of the jaw. And they’re getting better all the time, while opening up new markets to patients who previously couldn’t tolerate the procedure. Here’s Harvard:

“We’ve seen two big improvements in the last five years. First, we’ve learned how to grow bone predictably by using bone substitutes. And second, we have newer implants that are stronger and smaller in diameter, so we can fit implants into less bone volume,” says Dr. Gallucci. “With certain precautions, even people with osteoporosis may be candidates for implants.”

Your dental practice will be asked with increasing frequency whether you offer implants, what they cost, and how much experience you have in this area of oral health. Your answers will be dictated by the quality of the training you receive.

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Another Dental Implantology Success Story

Dental implantology consistently helps patients around the globe recover the use of their teeth and jaws. Even when mistakes are made, good training and sound experience can help elite dental professionals reverse the error and provide their patients with an improved quality of life.

Such is the case with this woman, who’s experienced a difficult period with some poorly fitted implants. After months of frustration, she went to visit a better-trained dental surgeon, whose perspective on the process was supportive:

“The benefits of implants are extensive,” Dr. Moore said. “It’s a great long-term solution that helps patients avoid embarrassment or frustrations with missing teeth or slippery dentures.”

Sure enough, after receiving new implants, the woman’s issues have evaporated, and she is ecstatic:

Rush, now 54, received five implants in her lower jaw at Stetson Hills Dental and has not experienced any complications. “I can’t tell you what a relief it’s been,” she said. “I healed quickly and can eat anything I want again; I had really missed steak.”

It’s a common story, especially for surgeons who have trained extensively in dental implantology. If you want to give your patients the vanguard in competent care and follow up, check out our leading Los Angeles dental implant seminars here.

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Dental Implants: Not Just for Healthy Gums

There was a time not long ago when dentures were the only real choice for individuals who were missing teeth due to injury, disease or age. Of course there were important problems associated with dentures, including poor fits and a tendency to abrade the sensitive surrounding tissues.

Today’s dental implants address all of these problems, offering a more permanent and powerful solution to people who want to chew, smile and live their lives to the fullest. One question has remained, however: can dental implants help patients with common diseases of the oral mucosa?

A new study strongly suggests that they can, stating that:

[N]o strict contraindication for the placement of implants seems to be justified in patients with OLP, SjS, EB nor SSc. Implant survival rates are comparable to those of patients without oral mucosal diseases. Treatment guidelines as for dental implantation in patients with healthy oral mucosa should be followed.

In other words, implants “take” just as well within these mouths as they do in conventionally healthy ones. Just one more reason why dental implants have become a widely adopted solution of dental surgeons.

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Dental Implantology Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

We have written before about the rosy forecasts for dental implantology, especially in parts of the world where access has been scarce until recently. Now a new report has borne out the bullish claims of industry analysts, projecting solid growth to continue unabated:

The global dental implants & prosthetics market has experienced strong growth over the past few years, and is further expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.2% during the forecast period of 2015 to 2020. The increasing adoption of dental implants due to better aesthetics and their ease of cleaning will help the growth of the dental implants market as opposed to dental prosthetics. The better customization options available in dental implants with the help of CAD/CAM technologies is further expected to drive the adoption of these products.

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