Another Dental Implantology Success Story

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  • 04 Feb, 2016
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Another Dental Implantology Success Story

Dental implantology consistently helps patients around the globe recover the use of their teeth and jaws. Even when mistakes are made, good training and sound experience can help elite dental professionals reverse the error and provide their patients with an improved quality of life.

Such is the case with this woman, who’s experienced a difficult period with some poorly fitted implants. After months of frustration, she went to visit a better-trained dental surgeon, whose perspective on the process was supportive:

“The benefits of implants are extensive,” Dr. Moore said. “It’s a great long-term solution that helps patients avoid embarrassment or frustrations with missing teeth or slippery dentures.”

Sure enough, after receiving new implants, the woman’s issues have evaporated, and she is ecstatic:

Rush, now 54, received five implants in her lower jaw at Stetson Hills Dental and has not experienced any complications. “I can’t tell you what a relief it’s been,” she said. “I healed quickly and can eat anything I want again; I had really missed steak.”

It’s a common story, especially for surgeons who have trained extensively in dental implantology. If you want to give your patients the vanguard in competent care and follow up, check out our leading Los Angeles dental implant seminars here.

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