Harvard Health on Developments in Dental Implantology

  • Implantology Seminars
  • 27 Aug, 2016
  • 1 Min Read

Harvard Health on Developments in Dental Implantology

A well-written explainer on Harvard’s Health website offers a sort of dental implantology 101 course, including some basic illustrations that help patients understand the process.

Although the page is written for patients, not professionals, it offers formal evidence that dental implantology has absolutely conquered the medical mainstream, and moved onto the lips of private citizens across the country. Dental implantology is a household name.

The reason is simple: implants are by far the best way to restore lost teeth and protect the bone of the jaw. And they’re getting better all the time, while opening up new markets to patients who previously couldn’t tolerate the procedure. Here’s Harvard:

“We’ve seen two big improvements in the last five years. First, we’ve learned how to grow bone predictably by using bone substitutes. And second, we have newer implants that are stronger and smaller in diameter, so we can fit implants into less bone volume,” says Dr. Gallucci. “With certain precautions, even people with osteoporosis may be candidates for implants.”

Your dental practice will be asked with increasing frequency whether you offer implants, what they cost, and how much experience you have in this area of oral health. Your answers will be dictated by the quality of the training you receive.

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