Dental Implants: Not Just for Healthy Gums

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  • 04 Jan, 2016
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Dental Implants: Not Just for Healthy Gums

There was a time not long ago when dentures were the only real choice for individuals who were missing teeth due to injury, disease or age. Of course there were important problems associated with dentures, including poor fits and a tendency to abrade the sensitive surrounding tissues.

Today’s dental implants address all of these problems, offering a more permanent and powerful solution to people who want to chew, smile and live their lives to the fullest. One question has remained, however: can dental implants help patients with common diseases of the oral mucosa?

A new study strongly suggests that they can, stating that:

[N]o strict contraindication for the placement of implants seems to be justified in patients with OLP, SjS, EB nor SSc. Implant survival rates are comparable to those of patients without oral mucosal diseases. Treatment guidelines as for dental implantation in patients with healthy oral mucosa should be followed.

In other words, implants “take” just as well within these mouths as they do in conventionally healthy ones. Just one more reason why dental implants have become a widely adopted solution of dental surgeons.

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