Dispatching the Myths of Dental Implants

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  • 23 Dec, 2016
  • 59 Secs Read

Dispatching the Myths of Dental Implants

Here we go again. Dental implant surgery is a tremendously popular trend in dentistry, with more patients opting every year to undertake the process.

But some pernicious myths remain – and some are surprisingly stubborn. That’s why we’re grateful for articles such as this one, which help to dispel some of the common myths and inject a little sense into the conversation.

Our favorite retort:

[Myth:] Only specialists should place dental implants. “This is the most outrageous myth. Worldwide, 80 to 90 percent of general dentists surgically place dental implants. The average oral surgeon or periodontist places 200 implants per year, while the average general dentist who has completed Dr. M’s A.A.F.E. training program places 350 to 600 dental implants per year.” (Implantology is not a recognized specialty.)

This is the key point to the conversation: you don’t need to be a credentialed specialist to understand dental implantology, or to offer safe procedures for most of your patients. All you need is solid training with an experienced set of professionals.

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