Dental Implants for Better Life

  • Implantology Seminars
  • 22 Jan, 2015
  • 48 Secs Read

Dental Implants for Better Life

Those of us who run, organize and promote dental CE courses in Los Angeles are firm believers that implants can be a lifesaver for many patients. Dental implants represent a permanent fix and a new lease on active life.

Now a new study has found strong evidence that we’re not alone in these beliefs:

A single dental implant is generally more cost-effective than traditional dental bridges.
Implant-supported dentures have higher initial costs than traditional dentures but offer edentulous patients greater quality of life and decreased oral health-care costs.

The cost of implants offers greater long-term cost-effectiveness than traditional tooth replacement options.

Implants improve quality of life.

Our Los Angeles implant seminars give you and your staff access to the most advanced training in the world. From basic implant placement courses to hands-on dental training and more, our implantology seminars can help you complete your training in this rapidly expanding field.

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