A Nice News Story on the Science of Dental Implantology

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  • 10 Feb, 2015
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A Nice News Story on the Science of Dental Implantology

It’s not uncommon for dental patients to express some surprise at how quickly dental implants have supplanted bridges and dentures as the treatment of choice. After all, just a few short years ago, such low-tech procedures were considered the state of the art.

But neither dentures nor bridges offer the strength, permanence or emotional lift of dental implants, which is why so many dental professionals have started seeking hands-on dental training in the field. This recent public radio story describes a number of important elements about how dental implants work.

As one surgeon said in an interview:

“We’d like to think they’re going to last the rest of your life. Nobody can promise that, but we started doing implants here in our practice, in 1983, so 31 years ago, and a high percentage of those implants are still there and still functioning,” Sheridan said.

This is exactly the reason you are fielding so many questions about dental implants at your practice.

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