Dental Implantology Safe for Diabetics

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  • 22 Jan, 2015
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Dental Implantology Safe for Diabetics

It has been a matter of same debate in implantology whether postsurgical care can be complicated by the symptoms of diabetes. Now a new study in the Journal of the American Dental Association has put some of these concerns to rest:

We failed to identify any association between elevated blood sugar and implant failure or implant complications,” first author Thomas W. Oates Jr, DMD, PhD, told Medscape Medical News.

This is encouraging news for anyone who performs sinus lift procedures, implant placement procedures, or any other technique in the field, especially given the strength of this study’s results. After dividing patients into three groups based on the severity of their diabetes and studying them for a year, researchers concluded:

Implant survival rates a year after restoration were not statistically different among the three groups. This was true even if the seven patients who did not return for follow-up were counted as having failed implants.

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