How Long Do Dental Implants Last

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  • 26 Aug, 2015
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How Long Do Dental Implants Last

Unlike dentures, dental implants are built to be permanent. With good care and a healthy lifestyle, there is no reason to think they will ever wear out.

But of course not every patient is identical, and not every crown will wear in precisely the same way. This article describes the general lifespan of a dental implant, touching on the important distinction between replacing a crown (minimal inconvenience) and replacing the entire implant (less inconvenient):

You can expect your crown to last for an average of ten to fifteen years. After this, you may need to get a new crown for your dental implant to maintain the natural appearance and function of your teeth. Getting a crown replaced is not as intrusive as getting the actual dental implant, so this maintenance to your smile will be minor and keep you looking great for years to come.

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