Dental Implants in Plain Language

  • Implantology Seminars
  • 30 Sep, 2015
  • 1 Min Read

Dental Implants in Plain Language

Here at Implantology Seminars, we work with a number of professionals in the field, and take for granted a certain master if the basic concepts of implantology. But every once in a while, it helps to go back to first principles and review the science of dental implants.

This article offers a lucid history of humankind’s quest to replace missing teeth by bonding hard materials into the jaw. This progress accelerated in recent decades as surgeons began to learn more about titanium, and about the natural process of osseointegration:

As human beings, like anything else in life, once we’ve discovered something that works, we now want it to work faster. Thus, in more recent decades, the focus has been on trying to reduce or eliminate the time period between dental implant insertion and the replacement of the lost tooth or teeth. To date, tremendous progress has been made.

It’s a good article that brings readers right up to the latest advances in 3D imaging and dental implant surgical guides, name-checking the growing popularity of “All-on-4” surgery and ending on a positive note for the industry.

If you have patients who are on the fence about dental implantology and want to understand how it works, send them here for an easy primer. Comprehension is one of the most valuable medical tools we have.

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