Further Reading on the Health Benefits of Dental Implantology

  • Implantology Seminars
  • 22 Aug, 2016
  • 56 Secs Read

Further Reading on the Health Benefits of Dental Implantology

One of the most common questions our students and partners get about dental implants is whether they are for cosmetic concerns only. In fact, although dental implants can indeed restore a perfect smile, and the confidence that comes with it, they offer a number of related benefits that aren’t visible at all.

As this article rightly explains, dental implants help to preserve bone mass in the jaw by giving the bone and surrounding tissues something to “hook” into – and resistance to keep them strong:

That said, Allen suggests when keeping natural teeth isn’t an option, a dental implant is. For example, dental implants can help maintain bone levels.

“The bone thinks it has a tooth fairy,” said Allen’s colleague, Dr. John Goodman. “When the implant is placed, the bone is maintained. It’s totally amazing.”

It’s not often that implantable medical devices have a salutary effect on surrounding tissues; for most devices, the challenge is simply to avoid rejection by the body. Dental implants are different, and that difference is helping many millions of people smile, chew, and live better, while protecting the teeth they still have.