Dental Implantology is Essential for Your Practice

  • Implantology Seminars
  • 19 Jul, 2016
  • 51 Secs Read

Dental Implantology is Essential for Your Practice

Dental implantology offers patients options they would never get otherwise. People who are severely edentulous through disease or trauma can today recover a full smile in a matter of days.

One recent article summed up the paradigm shift that dental implants have ushered in, noting that training in this emerging field is still hard to find:

“Implant technique is not taught in the dental colleges at the undergraduate level and the dentists get trained by the senior dentists who gained expertise in the field at the study clubs of ISOI and the other programmes it organises”, Dr Shetty said.

Implantology Seminars offers outstanding dental CE courses for every part of dental implantology, from beginning concepts through advanced techniques. Students can practice on live models and witness in-person demonstrations, getting swift answers to all their toughest questions along the way.

If your practice wants to stay at the head of the pack with the latest technologies, you need to learn this skill. Sign up for one of our popular implantology seminars today.