Better Dental Implant Courses for Better Implants

  • Implantology Seminars
  • 26 Jul, 2016
  • 58 Secs Read

Better Dental Implant Courses for Better Implants

The title of this recent article says it all: “Dental Implants Are Not Created Equal.”

Read the piece and you’ll find some good basic information about how implants work, how they fit together, and what constitutes a completed product. But the piece also emphasizes something valuable, namely that not every grade of titanium and variety of ceramic is the same:

From the design of the threads, the chemistry of the surface, and the connection to the crown that goes on top of it, implants can vary greatly. These factors all attribute to performance and long-term outcome. You need to be sure your periodontist only works with dental implant manufacturers with great track records—ones who have invested the time and research in their products and can prove clinical success.

At Implantology Seminars, we offer solid background information to let you choose vetted and appropriate vendor partners for the implant services in your office. Our courses are designed with an eye toward the very top of the market, where patients see the best results and dental professionals see the highest margins.

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