Why Flawless Implant Placement Matters

  • Implantology Seminars
  • 12 Jul, 2016
  • 53 Secs Read

Why Flawless Implant Placement Matters

Some readers have noticed this piece in recent weeks: a warning about the rare but real danger of lingering pain following a routine dental implant procedure.

As the article describes, for the unlucky few, this pain can be debilitating:

Chronic pain is a rare complication, which may be due to damage to nerves in the jaw, either directly from drilling during surgery or indirectly from swelling or bleeding after surgery. Chronic post-surgical dental pain does not respond to painkillers and is difficult to diagnose, as patients often have no abnormality that is visible or can be detected on scans.

Now for the good news: these are exceedingly rare symptoms, the appearance of which may be mitigated by taking a full medical history and executing very careful drill procedures, such as those with the aid of a dental surgical guide.

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