Why Dental Implants Are Better

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  • 04 Feb, 2016
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Why Dental Implants Are Better

Dental implants are quickly outpacing all competing technologies to become the medical option of choice for edentulous patients. The reasons this is happening are almost too numerous to mention, but most people credit convenience, durability, and enhanced confidence among the top contenders.

Recently one article highlighted a few more things that make dental implants such a no-brainer for many patients, including a careful analysis of nutritional yield: better chewing leads to better nutrition. The article also pointed out an important fact about dental implants and overall health:

In addition to providing artificial surfaces upon which bacteria can grow, dentures cover the soft tissue of the mouth preventing the normal flushing of bacteria and yeast organisms. The increases in these microorganisms can lead to inflammation in the soft tissues. Further the physical irritation of the denture rubbing on the soft tissue can produce acute ulcers. In rare cases this chronic irritation can contribute to the development of oral cancer.

Comfort, safety and protection are just a few of the reasons your patients are demanding dental implantology. If you’d like to learn the latest techniques and technologies from the best in the business, sign up for a dental implantology course here today.

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