When Are Dental Implants Necessary?

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  • 15 Dec, 2015
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When Are Dental Implants Necessary?

If you are interested in advanced training in dental implantology, you know that patients are asking about implants more than ever. As media reports continue to add glowing testimonials and expert support to the field, implantology has continued to attract greater interest.

Here at Implantology Seminars, we hear a growing number of questions about exactly when and why dental implants are recommended over other, less permanent procedures. One recent article tackled this question in some depth, starting with a nice overview of why implants are better than the alternatives:

Today however, most dental professionals would agree that replacing a missing (or soon to be missing) tooth or teeth with dental implant supported crowns or bridges is the way to go. A dental implant is like an artificial tooth root implanted in the jawbone that is capable of supporting one or more teeth. No longer do we need to rely on neighboring teeth to support either a fixed or a removable bridge. The crowns or bridges supported by dental implants are typically cemented or screw-retained so that they cannot be removed. And because the implant once again transmits the forces of chewing down to the underlying jawbone, preservation of bone volume in that area usually occurs.

The piece goes on to describe some of the early warning signs and early interventions that are likely to arise in a good candidate for dental implants, and ends with this simple rule of thumb about the value of early action:

Regardless of the cause, replacing teeth that need to be removed with dental implants as early as possible will give patients the best chance for a successful and esthetic outcome, as well as eliminate or minimize the risk of having adjacent or opposing teeth shift.

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