The Questions You get When You Provide Dental Implants

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  • 11 May, 2016
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The Questions You get When You Provide Dental Implants

Our enrollees leave our implantology seminars well prepared for the road ahead, and well armed to manage the financial implications of being a dental implant provider. But managing logistics isn’t the same as managing patients’ concerns.

What will you hear when you open your doors as a dental implantology provider? This article offers a good forecast of likely questions. They reflect common concerns, confusions and clarifications, and should be committed to memory if you want to give your patients the reassurances they need.

This question in particular can trip up many dental professionals:

7. What should I expect throughout the process in terms of pain, recovery time, eating, etc.?

The recovery from dental implant surgery is actually relatively quick, with most patients making a full recovery within a few days. You will be required to bite down on a gauze pad for a while after surgery. You may experience mild bleeding for 24 to 48 hours after surgery, and there may be some swelling. You will also be warned not to smoke, as this can make the risk of dry socket (a painful post surgical condition), and you will be advised to use salt rinses or medicated mouthwash after surgery, and how to do so.

Check out the full page and feel free to ask your Implantology Seminars instructor for further information if you desire. We’re happy to help.

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