The Best Instructors for Dental Implantology

  • Implantology Seminars
  • 21 Oct, 2015
  • 44 Secs Read

The Best Instructors for Dental Implantology

One of the challenges of dental CE courses is to give trainees the very best expertise possible. At Implantology Seminars, we have long provided just that for dental professionals throughout Southern California and the Western U.S.

One of the ways we ensure our students have access to the very latest ideas and techniques is by pairing them up with an amazing faculty. Eminent names such as Dr. Ziv Simon, Dr. Anthony Bordas and Dr. Daniel Haghighi are known as leading lights in implantology, and other outstanding lecturers such as Moris Aynechi and Ari Rosenblatt round out our corps of experienced instructor.

That means no matter when you sign up or how many dental courses you take, you will always get hands-on training with the best of the best. To start right away, just click here and browse our vast library of award-winning dental implantology seminars today.

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