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A Touching Story About Dental Implants

We cover all the bases in our dental implant seminars, from background and biology through modern advances and applications. But with so much to learn, it can be valuable sometimes to stop and remember the real story: the many lives that are dramatically improved with dental implantology.

Case in point: this veteran who received outstanding surgical care from a team of physicians in Georgia after being shot in the jaw. After phase one of his procedure, he underwent the addition of several dental implants:

“When we were coming out, the doctor told him, ‘It’s looks like you’re going to get all your teeth back. We’re going to be able to give you back all your teeth,” says Gail Kirby.

They walked around the city smiling and dumbfounded, she says.

Giving people back their smiles is about more than oral health; it’s about mental health too. When you train to be one of the best at this field, you can give your patients lasting comfort and confidence.

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A Great Demonstration of Dental Implants

Sometimes local news stories on dental implants and implantology can be hit or miss, but this video offers some nice examples of how dental implants are designed, executed and perfected:

It is a nice look at the kind of coveted services your practice can offer, and a lucid description of what dental implants can do for patients who have struggled with chewing, biting, and self-confidence.

For the best dental implant training in Southern California and Arizona, we invite you to check out our implantology courses. With current information and a faculty of eminent figures in the field, this is the best place to learn the ropes and perfect your craft in an educational setting.

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The Questions You get When You Provide Dental Implants

Our enrollees leave our implantology seminars well prepared for the road ahead, and well armed to manage the financial implications of being a dental implant provider. But managing logistics isn’t the same as managing patients’ concerns.

What will you hear when you open your doors as a dental implantology provider? This article offers a good forecast of likely questions. They reflect common concerns, confusions and clarifications, and should be committed to memory if you want to give your patients the reassurances they need.

This question in particular can trip up many dental professionals:

7. What should I expect throughout the process in terms of pain, recovery time, eating, etc.?

The recovery from dental implant surgery is actually relatively quick, with most patients making a full recovery within a few days. You will be required to bite down on a gauze pad for a while after surgery. You may experience mild bleeding for 24 to 48 hours after surgery, and there may be some swelling. You will also be warned not to smoke, as this can make the risk of dry socket (a painful post surgical condition), and you will be advised to use salt rinses or medicated mouthwash after surgery, and how to do so.

Check out the full page and feel free to ask your Implantology Seminars instructor for further information if you desire. We’re happy to help.

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Dental Implants: Perfect the First Time

Because the field of dental implantology exists at the intersection of cosmetic and medical concerns, dental implants must meet several criteria at once.

The most important are fit and comfort, of course: everyone wants an easy, natural bite that suits their lifestyle. But after these basic needs are met, issues of aesthetics matter as well, especially for patients who are replacing teeth in an effort to regain some measure of confidence in their smiles.

The best way to meet these goals simultaneously is with careful measurement, imaging, planning and execution of the implants. This means, among other things, that technicians must take the time to match the right shade and form of each individual tooth blend. As one implantology expert put it:

“You can’t just point and shoot an intraoral camera regardless of how many features it has,” he said. “Technicians need to understand the camera settings and use them correctly in order to provide the lab with the most accurate details of the patient’s mouth, especially available bone material, and tooth color.”

We can help. Implantology Seminars gives dental professionals the most advanced and practical training in dental implant equipment, from cameras and scanners to fabrication and execution. We offer advanced dental CE courses at every level of expertise.

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The Advantages of Dental Implantology

As one of the foremost providers of dental CE training in Southern California, we often evangelize about the many advantages of dental implants. Because these medical devices are far more stable than dentures and far safer than living without teeth, dental professionals are deeply interested in learning how they can provide dental implants for their own patients.

WebMD offers even more reasons why dental implantology represents the future of oral surgery, and why dental practices that forego training in this area are likely to lose out. As the website says about the success rate of most implants:

Success rates of dental implants vary, depending on where in the jaw the implants are placed but, in general, dental implants have a success rate of up to 98%. With proper care (see below), implants can last a lifetime.

If you’d like to shore up your business and give your patients the very best option for better smiles that last for decades, please check out our implantology course catalog today.

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Dental Implantology Market Continues to Explode

Media analysts have released a new set of projections for the dental implantology market, and they are bullish indeed. Year-over-year growth continues to thrive, and the latest forecasts place the industry’s value north of ten billion – and growing:

[T]he global Dental Implants & Prosthetics Market is expected to reach $10,427.7 Million in 2020 and is poised to grow at a CAGR of 7.2% during the forecast period of 2015 to 2020.

This is hardly surprising when you consider the reasonable cost and permanent advantages of dental implants. Our dental CE course students tell us that the value they gain from offering these cutting edge devices far exceeds the value they put into training.

At Implantology Seminars, we proudly offer the standard in dental hands-on training courses throughout Los Angeles. To see our latest course offerings and discover how you can tremendous value to your practice, check out our full catalog of upcoming seminars today.