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Dental Implants are Built to Last

Dental implantology is growing not just because it offers an easy way to restore missing teeth, but because the implants themselves are built to last.

That is just one of the takeaways from the American Academy of Implant Dentistry’s latest infographic, which underscores the myriad benefits of implants over dentures or crowns, including this important lead-off item:

Strong and stable, a dental implant restores a lost tooth so that it looks, feels, fits and functions like a natural tooth. Other options can lead to bone deterioration, and may interfere with eating, smiling, speaking and other activities of everyday life.

It’s yet another good tool for explaining the ins and outs of dental implants to your patients – one which clearly distinguishes dental implants from older technologies including dentures. And it makes at least one more point that many people might not consider, namely:

Look Mom, no cavities! Cavities can’t occur in an implant-restored crown, or replacement tooth; however, you will need to visit your dentist as scheduled and clean and care for it and your gums and mouth every day, the same as you would if it were a natural tooth.

Dental implantology seminars which walk you through the best techniques, under the guidance of the most expert professionals, are an essential component to gaining knowledge and experience in this field. For the best dental implantology courses in California, please don’t hesitate to sign up today.

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The Best Dental Implantology Courses

Looking for the best dental implantology courses in your area? You’re not alone: As dental implantology explodes worldwide and more practices scramble to keep up, it has become increasingly important to reserve a training course with some great instructors.

We can help. Implantology Seminars is the premier provider of dental CE courses in Southern California. We offer a slate of highly credentialed instructors who teach a variety of implantology courses, from introductory skills to advanced digital technique.

There’s simply nothing else like it.

Check out our faculty here, and be sure to browse our full catalog of implantology courses to see where your needs may be met. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always happy to answer your questions.

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Getting Started with Dental Implantology

It is a common question nowadays: where can I learn dental implantology safely and effectively? One recent article took up the question and explored some of the most common options for dentists looking to expand their practice.

As the author notes, a great dental implantology course should teach more than just the basic mechanics of installing teeth; it should cover the full breadth of medical issues that may arise, including some important questions:

Dental implants can be a complicated decision tree. When do I use one technique over another? Do I need to provisionalise and how should I do this? Should I immediately place, or load, or both and what is the advantage to doing this? Do I have enough bone? Do I really have enough bone and what are my soft tissues going to do later? How do I handle cases that require bone and tissue augmentation? What is my occlusal scheme and is it stable? What are the pitfalls and risks of a certain technique? Why did this implant work but that one fail? What makes one system better than another? Why did this screw loosen? Why did this crown or abutment fracture? Do I screw retain or cement? Do I link implants or not?

At Implantology Seminars, this is music to our ears. Our courses are expressly designed to teach theory and medicine alongside the hands-on dental training, arming our professional students with the knowledge they need to provide superior implant services across the board.

If you’d like to sign up for the best instruction about dental implantology, contact us here today.