Dental Implants Prevent Bone Loss

  • Implantology Seminars
  • 26 May, 2016
  • 58 Secs Read

Dental Implants Prevent Bone Loss

Most patients who come to your practice for dental implants are likely there for the cosmetic benefits: dental implants look and feel like real teeth, and can be perfected to your patients’ taste. The other great benefit of dental implants is their extraordinary convenience, which helps explain why so many people seek these devices to make their lives a little easier.

But there are powerful medical reasons to offer dental implants at your practice as well, include a demonstrated ability to slow and prevent bone loss in the jaw:

The jawbone naturally begins to shrink when it is not stimulated by roots. Although dentures and bridges only offer a solution above the gums, dental implants prevents bone loss and stops it from progressing by replacing the tooth root underneath. This will prevent the structure of the face from changing while maintaining volume in the lips and cheeks for a balanced profile.

This benefit can be lifelong, and may help with musculofascial concerns and overall digestive health down the line. Just one more reason to express the strong selling points of dental implantology to your patients.

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