Dental Implants Improve Life for Women

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  • 29 Jun, 2015
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Dental Implants Improve Life for Women

Another study has emerged that proves what many of us in the field of dental implantology already suspected: dental implants far outperform similar devices when it comes to quality of life.

The study in question followed a cohort of postmenopausal women who required dental surgery for symptoms of osteoporosis, and found that the group which received dental implants reported better outcomes across the board:

Women with dental implants reported a higher overall satisfaction with their lives, said Christine DeBaz, a third-year Case Western Reserve dental student. She was lead researcher on the project and personally interviewed each participant.

Fixed dentures scored next highest in satisfaction, followed by false teeth and, finally, women with no restoration work.

Women with dental implants also reported the highest satisfaction in emotional and sexual areas, while those without restorations scored the lowest in those two areas.

It is yet more evidence that dental implantology represents the most effective, long-lasting and satisfying route to dental health for people of every demographic.

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