Dental Implantology is Growing Fast

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  • 06 Dec, 2014
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Dental Implantology is Growing Fast

Dental implantology has exploded in popularity, thanks in no small part to several watershed advances in materials design and dental implant techniques.

Now a new study has underlined just how fast the field is expanding:

Analysts forecast the Global Dental Implants market . . . to grow at a CAGR of 8.72% during 2015-2019 and Global Dental Crowns and Bridges market to grow at a CAGR of 7.50% over the period 2014-2018. Titanium implants as well as crowns and bridges will continue to drive and dominate the market. Furthermore, all-ceramics crowns and bridges are also expected to drive the growth in the crowns and bridges market . . . This has made [an] exciting market for dental players to invest in.

What this means in plain English is that you will soon begin seeing more and more patients looking for the very latest in dental implant technology. The best way to retain and attract new patients is to improve your own training: invest in dental continuing education courses here in Los Angeles, and you can shore up your credentials across every aspect of dental implantology.

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