Dental Implantology Explained

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  • 30 Sep, 2015
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Dental Implantology Explained

You’re here on our site, which means you are likely in the market for dental continuing education courses. But like so many other dental professionals, you may have discovered that training is only half the process; you also need the language to sell the benefits of dental implants to your patients.

This page can help. Written as a Q&A with an oral surgeon, it addresses some of the basic questions you’re likely to hear, and offers clear explanations you can clip and save. This one is especially valuable:

Q: What are the advantages of implants versus dentures?

Dr. Ted: One of the biggest advantages of implants versus dentures is that they feel more like real teeth. Studies have shown that people who have implants have a much easier time eating than those with dentures. The other advantage to implants is that because they are secured to the bone, it actually helps to keep the bone healthy. Denture-wearers will experience bone erosion over time, which can age the face. Implants preserve bone and can help better maintain your facial features.

For every other question, the best answer is the one you can recite from a place of deep expertise. Check out our full catalog of dental implantology courses to get started with your advanced training today.

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