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A Touching Story About Dental Implants

We cover all the bases in our dental implant seminars, from background and biology through modern advances and applications. But with so much to learn, it can be valuable sometimes to stop and remember the real story: the many lives that are dramatically improved with dental implantology.

Case in point: this veteran who received outstanding surgical care from a team of physicians in Georgia after being shot in the jaw. After phase one of his procedure, he underwent the addition of several dental implants:

“When we were coming out, the doctor told him, ‘It’s looks like you’re going to get all your teeth back. We’re going to be able to give you back all your teeth,” says Gail Kirby.

They walked around the city smiling and dumbfounded, she says.

Giving people back their smiles is about more than oral health; it’s about mental health too. When you train to be one of the best at this field, you can give your patients lasting comfort and confidence.

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Find More Candidates for Dental Implants

At Implantology Seminars, our mission is twofold: One, we offer the best hands-on dental training in California and Arizona, complete with multi course syllabus and expert instruction; and two, we give our students smart guidance on how to grow their practice for dental implant surgery.

The key to that growth is communicating the advantages of dental implantology in clear language as you identify good candidates for the procedure. Not every edentulous patient is likely to thrive with dental implants, so you want to target patients whose health and lifestyle offer a good prognosis.

As this article explains, that’s a pretty big cohort:

Basically, anyone who is of decent enough health to undergo a routine tooth extraction or oral surgery is healthy enough for a dental implant, [provided] you have healthy enough gums and bones around your jaw area in order to be able to hold the implants in place once implanted. If you have diabetes, heart disease, or any other chronic medical condition, then you will want to check with your dentist to see if dental implants are right for you.

It all starts with continuing education training. Contact Implantology Seminars to begin your journey in dental implantology today.