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Dental Implants: Not Just For Health

Many dental professionals recommend installing dental implants for a variety of reasons, including the preservation jaw bone mass, and help with bite consistency. Many patients, on the other hand, seek dental implants for a simpler reason: confidence.

Once recent news story discussed the dual function of dental implants for many patients, reporting that smiles and safety often go hand in hand:

KVOA | | Tucson, Arizona

When you can offer something that lets your patients look and feel their best while simultaneously gaining a better prognosis, you are in the rarefied air of a truly special medical procedure.

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Dental Implants: Perfect the First Time

Because the field of dental implantology exists at the intersection of cosmetic and medical concerns, dental implants must meet several criteria at once.

The most important are fit and comfort, of course: everyone wants an easy, natural bite that suits their lifestyle. But after these basic needs are met, issues of aesthetics matter as well, especially for patients who are replacing teeth in an effort to regain some measure of confidence in their smiles.

The best way to meet these goals simultaneously is with careful measurement, imaging, planning and execution of the implants. This means, among other things, that technicians must take the time to match the right shade and form of each individual tooth blend. As one implantology expert put it:

“You can’t just point and shoot an intraoral camera regardless of how many features it has,” he said. “Technicians need to understand the camera settings and use them correctly in order to provide the lab with the most accurate details of the patient’s mouth, especially available bone material, and tooth color.”

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