Phlebotomy Hands-On and Applications of PRF in Dentistry


Phlebotomy Hands-On and Applications of PRF in Dentistry

2-day CE course
Tuition: $1200
Hours: 8:30am-4:30pm
16 CE credits upon completion.
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Phlebotomy Hands-On and Applications of PRF Course Dates:

  • For Course Dates, Call 720-275-9868

Denver Location –
Metro Denver Dental Society & Mountain West Dental Institute
925 Lincoln St Unit B, Denver, CO 80203

This two day program will cover use of concentrated growth factors (cgf) derived from autogenous platelet concentrates in alveolar ridge augmentation and maxillary sinus augmentation.

Overview of the First Day

  • Venous system anatomy and physiology to identify peripheral veins appropriate for venipuncture.
  • Determine critical elements of venipuncture technique, care and maintenance.
  • Identify potential complications related to peripheral lines.
  • Proper techniques of cleansing venipuncture site.
  • Will review proper labeling of obtained specimen after draw in the presence of the patient.
  • Hands-On blood draws on mannequin and on each other.
  • Infection control & sanitary procedures according to CDC guidelines.
  • Steps on how to dispose biohazard waste materials and sharps.
  • Certification will be provided

The second day will cover the rationale, preparation and surgical techniques of cgf, leukocyte rich platelet rich fibrin(l-prf), and autogenous fibrin bone gel combined with allograft bone in alveolar ridge and sinus augmentation procedures. This will be accomplished through the lens of a case presentation format and review of current scientific literature.

After the completion of day two participants should have a clear understanding as to the preparation of cgf and its applications in augmentation procedures for both the alveolar ridge and maxillary sinuses.

Overview of the Second Day

  • History of platelet concentrates
  • Biology of L-PRF vs other platelet concentrates
  • Collection and preparation of L-PRF
  • Use of the Centrifuge
  • Applications of L-PRF in maxillary sinus augmentation
  • Applications of L-PRF in alveolar ridge augmentation
  • Applications of L-PRF in wound healing