Advanced Bone Grafting Hands-On Dental Implant Seminar

Advanced Bone Grafting Hands-On Dental Implant Seminar

2-day CE course

16 CE credits upon completion.


This course is designed to provide clinicians with the scientific background and surgical technique to perform advanced bone grafting procedures. It is a combination of in-depth lectures, over the shoulder instruction, and a hands-on workshop with animal jaws.

Specifically we will discuss augmentive bone grafting strategies for implant site preparation using piezo surgery techniques, screw expanders, titanium mesh, Steriflex™ Bone membrane, and the use of prf (platelet rich fibrin) and cgf (concentrated growth factors).

Emphasis will be placed on diagnosis, treatment planning, and advanced imaging techniques. Each participant will receive a comprehensive manual, which includes the lecture material and current literature relevant to the procedures covered in this course. Participants are encouraged to bring cases (models and radiographs) to consult with our course faculty.



After completing this course, clinicians should be able to understand, plan and implement the steps necessary to augment implant site bone volume via the use of piezo surgery, expansion screws, and reinforced grafting techniques. We will discuss maxillary sinus grafting (both lateral window and crestal approach), edentulous ridge expansion, osteo-periostial flaps, reinforced particulate grafts (use of titanium mesh, collagen, and flexible bone membrane). Additionally clinicians will learn in detail about the collection, preparation and uses of prf and cgf related to surgical procedures performed. Furthermore, clinicians will gain a thorough understanding intra and post-operative complication management and associated medication protocols.


Hands-On Workshop​

Event Detail

  • Start DateSeptember 27, 2024
  • Start Time8:30 AM
  • End DateSeptember 28, 2024
  • End Time4:30 PM
  • OngoingUp to 10
  • LocationBurbank, CA