Implantology Course 3


Advanced Dental Implant Restoration Techniques, Implant Overdentures & Complication Management

Hands-On Course

2-day CE course
Tuition: $1100
Hours: 8:30am-4:30pm
(includes complimentary meals)
16 CE credits upon completion.
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CE Course 3 Dates:

  • For Course Dates, Call 720-275-9868

Denver Location –
Metro Denver Dental Society & Mountain West Dental Institute
925 Lincoln St Unit B, Denver, CO 80203

Implantology Course 3 Overview

After completing the course, the clinician should be able to treatment plan for patients requiring implant overdentures, and manage soft tissue emergence profile. Participants will acquire diagnostic and treatment planning skills to treat more challenging cases that require a multidisciplinary approach.

Implantology Course 3 Objectives

dental implant restoration This course is designed to provide clinicians with the scientific background and techniques to create predictable implant-supported overdentures and an evidenced based approach to prosthetically driven “crown down” planning for implant cases. Implant success depends on accurate restoration design and proper occlusion, which will be covered in this course.

Indications and contraindications for different treatment modality will be discussed, and algorithm for successful treatment planning will be presented. The course will also review restorative complications and their management.

This course is a combination of in-depth lectures and a hands-on workshop with models on advanced implant restorative techniques. Participants will place implants for an overdenture, use proper implant attachments, take impressions and retrofit an overdenture.

Participants are encouraged to bring in cases (models and radiographs) to consult with our course faculty.

CE Course 3 Outline

  • Pre-Prosthetic Treatment Planning
  • Planning of Single and Multiunit Implant Supported Prosthetics
  • Fixed Versus Removable Restorations
  • Attachments and Bar Overdentures
  • Fabrication of Verification Jig and Soft Tissue Model
  • Occlusion for Implant Prosthetics
  • Restorative Complications Management

Hands-On Workshop

  • Fabrication of Plastic Screw Retained Temporary Crown
  • Implant Placement for an Overdenture Case
  • Implant Impression Techniques
  • Denture Retrofitting with Implant Attachments