Reserve Courses

California – Burbank

Implant Placement Seminar Course One: Hands-On Implant Placement and Bone Grafting Seminar ($499.00)
Bone Grafting Seminar Course Two: Advanced Bone Grafting Hands-On Seminar ($1,350.00)
Implant Restoration Training Course Three: Advanced Implant Restoration Techniques,Implant Over dentures and Complication Management ($1,100.00)
Digital Implantology Course Four: Digital Implantology: Accurate 3D Implant Placement using Computer-Guided Systems ($1,500.00)
Hybrid Dentures Seminar Course Five: Considerations in Implant Supported Hybrid Dentures ($1,500.00)
course-gen Phlebotomy and PRF Hands-On Seminar ($1,200.00)